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Fu A; Watt K; Junghans BM; Delaveris A; Stapleton F, 2020, 'Prevalence of myopia among disadvantaged Australian schoolchildren: A 5-year cross-sectional study', PLoS ONE, 15,

Delaveris A; Stahl U; Madigan M; Jalbert I, 2018, 'Comparative performance of lissamine green stains', Contact Lens and Anterior Eye, 41, pp. 23 - 27,

Stahl UG; Delaveris A; Madigan M; Jalbert I, 2011, '9 Dallos Award Winner Lid wiper epitheliopathy: exploring the links to comfort and osmolality in contact lens wear', Contact Lens and Anterior Eye, 34, pp. S18 - S18,

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