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Waller E; Davis M; Stephenson N, 2016, 'Australia’s pandemic influenza ‘Protect’ phase: emerging out of the fog of pandemic', Critical Public Health, vol. 26, pp. 99 - 113,

Flowers P; Davis M; Lohm D; Waller E; Stephenson N, 2016, 'Understanding pandemic influenza behaviour: An exploratory biopsychosocial study', Journal of Health Psychology, vol. 21, pp. 759 - 769,

Gruskin S; Waller E; Safreed-Harmon K; Ezer T; Cohen J; Gathumbi A; Kameri-Mbote P, 2015, 'Integrating Human Rights in Program Evaluation: Lessons From Law and Health Programs in Kenya', New Directions for Evaluation, vol. 2015, pp. 57 - 69,

Davis M; Flowers P; Lohm D; Waller E; Stephenson N, 2015, 'Immunity, Biopolitics and Pandemics: Public and Individual Responses to the Threat to Life', Body & Society, vol. 22, pp. 130 - 154,

Davis MDM; Stephenson N; Lohm D; Waller E; Flowers P, 2015, 'Beyond resistance: social factors in the general public response to pandemic influenza', BMC public health, vol. 15, pp. 436,

Lohm D; Flowers P; Stephenson N; Waller E; Davis MDM, 2014, 'Biography, pandemic time and risk: Pregnant women reflecting on their experiences of the 2009 influenza pandemic', Health (London, England : 1997), vol. 18, pp. 493 - 508,

Waller E; Palmer E; Chappell LA, 2014, 'Strengthening gender justice in the Asia-Pacific through the Rome Statute', Australian Journal of International Affairs, vol. 68, pp. 356 - 373,

Stephenson N; Davis M; Flowers P; MacGregor C; Waller E, 2014, 'Mobilising "vulnerability" in the public health response to pandemic influenza', Social Science and Medicine, vol. 102, pp. 10 - 17,

Davis M; Lohm D; Flowers P; Waller E; Stephenson N, 2014, '"We became sceptics": Fear and media hype in general public narrative on the advent of pandemic influenza', Sociological Inquiry, vol. 84, pp. 499 - 518,

Chappell LA; Grey R; Waller E, 2013, 'The Gender Justice Shadow of Complementarity: Lessons from the International Criminal Court’s Preliminary Examinations in Guinea and Colombia', International Journal of Transitional Justice, vol. 7, pp. 455 - 475,

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