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Srivastava P; Romanazzo S; Kopecky C; Nemec S; Ireland J; Molley TG; Lin K; Jayathilaka PB; Pandzic E; Yeola A; Chandrakanthan V; Pimanda J; Kilian K, 2023, 'Defined Microenvironments Trigger In Vitro Gastrulation in Human Pluripotent Stem Cells', Advanced Science, 10,

Romanazzo S; Molley TG; Nemec S; Lin K; Sheikh R; Gooding JJ; Wan B; Li Q; Kilian KA; Roohani I, 2021, 'Synthetic Bone-Like Structures Through Omnidirectional Ceramic Bioprinting in Cell Suspensions', Advanced Functional Materials, 31, pp. 2008216,

Lin X; Romanazzo S; Lin K; Kelly C; Gooding JJ; Roohani I, 2020, 'Elliptical supra-cellular topographies regulate stem cells migratory pattern and osteogenic differentiation', Materialia, 14, pp. 100870,

Romanazzo S; Lin K; Srivastava P; Kilian KA, 2020, 'Targeting cell plasticity for regeneration: From in vitro to in vivo reprogramming', Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews, 161-162, pp. 124 - 144,

Lin K; Sheikh R; Romanazzo S; Roohani I, 2019, '3D printing of bioceramic scaffolds-barriers to the clinical translation: From promise to reality, and future perspectives', Materials, 12,

Roohani-Esfahani SI; Lin K; Zreiqat H, 2017, 'Fabrication of bioinspired structured glass–ceramics with enhanced fracture toughness', Journal of Materials Science, 52, pp. 9202 - 9210,

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