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Wong K; Flanagan J; Jalbert I; Tan J, 2019, 'The effect of Blephadex™ Eyelid Wipes on Demodex mites, ocular microbiota, bacterial lipase and comfort: a pilot study', Contact Lens and Anterior Eye, vol. 42, pp. 652 - 657,

Tan J; Ho L; Wong K; La A; Lee S; Park S; Tran L; Stapleton F, 2018, 'The effects of a hydrating mask compared to traditional warm compresses on tear film properties in meibomian gland dysfunction', Contact Lens & Anterior Eye, vol. 41, pp. 83 - 87,

Tan J; Datta A; Wong K; Willcox MDP; Vijay AK, 2017, 'Clinical Outcomes and Contact Lens Case Contamination Using a Povidone–Iodine Disinfection System', Eye and Contact Lens,

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