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Ferretto G; Glasby TM; Poore AGB; Callaghan CT; Housefield GP; Langley M; Sinclair EA; Statton J; Kendrick GA; Vergés A, 2021, 'Naturally-detached fragments of the endangered seagrass Posidonia australis collected by citizen scientists can be used to successfully restore fragmented meadows', Biological Conservation, 262,

Vergés A; Campbell AH; Wood G; Kajlich L; Eger AM; Cruz D; Langley M; Bolton D; Coleman MA; Turpin J; Crawford M; Coombes N; Camilleri A; Steinberg PD; Marzinelli EM, 2020, 'Operation Crayweed: Ecological and sociocultural aspects of restoring Sydney’s underwater forests', Ecological Management and Restoration, 21, pp. 74 - 85,

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