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Gleeson M; Loper K, 2021, 'Introduction, Special Issue on the Rohingya and the Andaman Sea Crisis: Six Years On', Asia Pacific Journal on Human Rights and the Law,

Barbour B; Gleeson M; Jefferies R; Moodley R, 2020, 'BFH16 v Minister for Immigration and Border Protection [2020] FCAFC 54 (31 March 2020)', INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF REFUGEE LAW, vol. 32, pp. 507 - 518,

Gleeson M, 2019, 'Protection Deficit: The Failure of Australia's Offshore Processing Arrangements to Guarantee 'Protection Elsewhere' in the Pacific', International Journal of Refugee Law, vol. 31, pp. 415 - 463,

Gleeson M, 2019, 'Monitoring places of immigration detention in Australia under OPCAT', Australian Journal of Human Rights, vol. 25, pp. 150 - 169,

Gleeson M, 2017, 'Unprecedented but Unfulfilled: Refugee Protection and Regional Responses to the Andaman Sea ‘Crisis’', Antropologi Indonesia, vol. 38,

Gleeson M, 2012, 'Under development: property law, human rights and development in Cambodia', Property Law Review, vol. 2, pp. 114 - 114

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