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Journal articles

Parker S; Tran A; Saito S; McNamara C; Denney-Wilson E; Nutbeam D; Harris MF, 2024, 'Exploring organisational readiness to implement a preventive intervention in Australian general practice for overweight and obese patients: key learnings from the HeLP-GP trial', Australian Journal of Primary Health, 30,

Kabir A; Conway DP; Ansari S; Tran A; Rhee JJ; Barr M, 2024, 'Impact of multimorbidity and complex multimorbidity on healthcare utilisation in older Australian adults aged 45 years or more: A large population-based cross-sectional data linkage study', BMJ Open, 14,

Parker SM; Barr M; Stocks N; Denney-Wilson E; Zwar N; Karnon J; Kabir A; Nutbeam D; Roseleur J; Liaw ST; McNamara C; Frank O; Tran A; Osborne R; Lau AYS; Harris M; Liaw T, 2022, 'Preventing chronic disease in overweight and obese patients with low health literacy using eHealth and teamwork in primary healthcare (HeLP-GP): A cluster randomised controlled trial', BMJ Open, 12, pp. e060393,

Kabir A; Tran A; Ansari S; Conway DP; Barr M, 2022, 'Impact of multimorbidity and complex multimorbidity on mortality among older Australians aged 45 years and over: A large population-based record linkage study', BMJ Open, 12, pp. e060001,

O'Callaghan C; Tran A; Tam N; Wen LM; Harris-Roxas , 2022, 'Promoting the get healthy information and coaching service (GHS) in Australian-Chinese communities: facilitators and barriers', Health Promotion International, 37,

Harris M; Parker S; Barr M; Kabir A; Stocks N; Zwar N; Nutbeam D; Osborn R; McNamara C; Tran A; Denney-Wilson E, 2021, 'Preventing chronic disease in patients with low health literacy using eHealth and teamwork in primary healthcare', AUSTRALIAN JOURNAL OF PRIMARY HEALTH, 27, pp. XXII - XXII,

Eberly LA; Richterman A; Beckett AG; Wispelwey B; Marsh RH; Cleveland Manchanda EC; Chang CY; Glynn RJ; Brooks KC; Boxer R; Kakoza R; Goldsmith J; Loscalzo J; Morse M; Lewis EF, 2019, 'Identification of racial inequities in access to specialized inpatient heart failure care at an academic medical center', Circulation: Heart Failure, 12,

Briceno DF; Gupta T; Romero J; Kolte D; Khera S; Villablanca PA; Tran A; Mohanty S; Trivedi C; Mohanty P; Gianni C; Kim SG; Garcia M; Fonarow GC; Bhatt DL; Natale A; Di Biase L, 2018, 'Catheter ablation of ventricular tachycardia in nonischemic cardiomyopathy: A propensity score-matched analysis of in-hospital outcomes in the United States', JOURNAL OF CARDIOVASCULAR ELECTROPHYSIOLOGY, 29, pp. 771 - 779,

Conference Papers

Kabir AYM; Ansari S; Conway D; Rhee J; Tran A; Barr M, 2023, 'Impact of multimorbidity on health care utilisation in Australian older adults aged 45 years and over: a large population-based data linkage cohort study', in Population Medicine,

Conference Presentations

O'Callaghan C; Hua M; Woodland L; Harris-Roxas B; Tam N; Reid K; Koh S; Wen L; Tran A; Jones H, 2019, 'Using a participatory approach to assess the effectiveness of the Get Healthy Service among Chinese communities in Sydney', presented at 2nd Asia Pacific Conference on Integrated Care, Melbourne, 11 November 2019 - 13 November 2018,

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