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Lennon A; Allen V, 2023, A method and an apparatus for treating a surface of a TCO material in a semiconductor device, Patent No. Australia - 2017223229; United States - 11769851

Lennon A; Li Z, 2019, A method of patterning a layer, Patent No. 10269991,

Wenham S; Lennon A; Edwards M; Hsiao P-CP; Tjahjono B, 2018, Solar cell metallisation and interconnection method, Patent No. I643351,!!FR_I643351

Edwards M; Wenham SR; Lennon A; Hsiao P; Tjahjono , 2016, Solar cell metallisation and interconnection method, USA, Patent No. 9508884

Lennon A; Li Z; Wenham S; Lu D, 2016, Dielectric structures in solar cells, USA, Patent No. 9373731

Vais V; Lennon A; Wenham SR; Ji J; Wenham A; Tong J; Wang X, 2016, Metal contact scheme for solar cells, USA, Patent No. 9385247

Wenham SR; Vais V; Lennon A; Ji J; Wenham A, 2016, Metal contact scheme for solar cells, USA, Patent No. 9269851

Wu J; Lennon A; Wan E, 2010, Method of using recommendations to visually create new views of data across heterogeneous sources, Patent No. US 7,644,361,

Lennon A; Edgoose TC; Yap SK; Chan S; Wu J; Qian L; Van Doan KP, 2009, Methods for interactively defining transforms and for generating queries by manipulating existing query data, Patent No. US 7574652

Lennon A, 2007, Browsing electronically-accessible resources, Patent No. US 7,287,018,

Lennon A, 2007, Method for facilitating access to multimedia content, Patent No. 7,277,928

Lennon A; Anderson MP; Wan E; Yap S-K, 2006, Transferring a media browsing session from one device to a second device by transferring a session identifier and a session key to the second device, Patent No. US 7,099,946,

Ho E; Lennon A, 2003, Face detection in digital images, Patent No. US 6,661,907,

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