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Burke A, 2023, Here’s how to prosecute Russia for Ukraine’s catastrophic flood, The Washington Post,

Burke A, 2022, Climate change: less space between one disaster and the next, The Interpreter, The Lowy Institute for International Policy,

Burke A, 2021, Glasgow: a tipping point for serious action, The Interpreter, Lowy Institute for International Policy,

Burke A; Celermajer D, 2021, Human progress is no excuse to destroy nature. A push to make ‘ecocide’ a global crime must recognise this fundamental truth, The Conversation,

Burke A, 2021, High hopes and hot air on climate change, The Interpreter, Lowy Institute,

Burke A, 2020, A dose of climate realism about China’s carbon pledge, The Interpreter,

Burke A, 2020, The Morality of Security: A Theory of Just Securitization., CAMBRIDGE UNIV PRESS,

Burke A, 2020, Vision for the Anthropocene: A global ecological democracy, UNSW Grand Challenges, UNSW,

Burke A; Newell B, 2020, Vision for the Anthropocene: Introducing the Anthropocene – and our need to thrive, UNSW Grand Challenges, UNSW,

Burke AD, 2017, Australia's Misstep On Nuclear Weapons Treaty, Australian Outlook, Australian Institute for International Affairs,

Burke AD; Fishel S, 2016, Politics for the planet: why nature and wildlife need their own seats at the UN, The Conversation,

Burke A, 2013, Narrative, Politics and Fictocriticism: Hopes and Dangers, The Disorder of Things,

Burke AD, 2012, “Security council win a golden opportunity to fix national security at home”, The Conversation,

Burke AD, 2011, “A fantasy debate, disdainful of basic facts”, The Drum (ABC Online), Australian Broadcasting Corporation,

Burke AD, 2010, “Lurking in the American mind”, Review of Susan A. Brewer, Why America Fights: Patriotism and War Propaganda from the Philippines to Iraq (Oxford University Press, 2010), Australian Book Review

Burke AD, 2010, Remarks at opening of Michael Callaghan exhibition, ANU School of Art, Image & Text

Burke AD; Gelber K, 2006, Can human rights save us?, Arena Magazine

Burke AD; Gelber K, 2005, Can Human Rights Save Us?, Arena Magazine

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