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Coleine C; Albanese D; Ray AE; Delgado-Baquerizo M; Stajich JE; Williams TJ; Larsen S; Tringe S; Pennacchio C; Ferrari BC; Donati C; Selbmann L, 2023, Metagenomics untangles metabolic adaptations of Antarctic endolithic bacteria at the fringe of habitability, ,

Zhang E; Czechowski P; Terauds A; Wong SY; Chelliah DS; Raven M; Tanaka MM; Ferrari BC, 2021, Tracing boundaries in Eastern Antarctica: Multi-scale drivers of soil microbial communities across the hyperarid Vestfold Hills, ,

Ray A; Zaugg J; Benaud N; Chelliah D; Bay S; Wong HL; Leung PM; Ji M; Terauds A; Montgomery K; Greening C; Cowan D; Kong W; Williams T; Hugenholtz P; Ferrari B, 2021, Atmospheric chemosynthesis is phylogenetically and geographically widespread and contributes significantly to carbon fixation throughout cold deserts, ,

Vendl C; Nelson TM; Ferrari B; Thomas T; Rogers T, 2020, Highly abundant core taxa in the blow within and across captive bottlenose dolphins provide evidence for a temporally stable airway microbiota, ,

Ji M; Kong W; Stegen J; Yue L; Wang F; Dong X; Cowan DA; Ferrari BC, 2020, Distinct assembly mechanisms underlie similar biogeographical patterns of rare and abundant bacteria in Tibetan Plateau grassland soils, ,

Wong SY; Charlesworth JC; Benaud N; Burns BP; Ferrari BC, 2019, Novel Quorum Sensing Activity in East Antarctic Soil Bacteria, ,

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