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Schulze C; Newell BR, 2017, 'Decision making under risk: An experience-based perspective', in International Handbook of Thinking and Reasoning, pp. 502 - 522

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Newell BR; Weston NJ; Shanks DR, 2011, 'Empirical Tests of a Fast-and-Frugal Heuristic: Not Everyone "Takes-the-Best"', in Heuristics: The Foundations of Adaptive Behavior,

Newell BR; Dunn JC; Kalish M, 2011, 'Chapter six Systems of Category Learning Fact or Fantasy?', in Advances in Research and Theory, Elsevier, pp. 167 - 215,

Newell BR; Dunn J; Kalish M, 2011, 'Systems of category learning: Fact or fantasy?', in Ross BH (ed.), Psychology of Learning and Motivation - Advances in Research and Theory, edn. Psychology of Learning and Motivation, Academic Press Inc, San Diego, CA, USA, pp. 167 - 215,

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