Select Publications

Edited Books

Olubas B; McMahon E, (ed.), 2021, Antigone Kefala: New Australian Modernities, University of Western Australia Press, Nedlands WA

Olubas B, (ed.), 2020, Collected Stories, Virago

Olubas B; Simoes da Silva T, (ed.), 2018, Networks and Genealogies: Tracing Connections, Inventions, and Reflections across Australian writing, Sydney University Press, Sydney,

McMahon E; Olubas B, (ed.), 2017, Elizabeth Harrower: Critical Essays, Sydney University Press, Sydney

Olubas B; Hazzard S, (ed.), 2016, We Need Silence to Find Out What We Think Selected Essays, Columbia University Press, New York

Olubas B; Olubas B, (ed.), 2014, Shirley Hazzard: New Critical Essays, Sydney University Press, Sydney

McMahon EN; Olubas B, (ed.), 2010, Remembering Patrick White: Contemporary Critical Essays, Rodopi, Amsterdam, New York

McMahon EN; Olubas B, (ed.), 2006, Women Making Time: Contemporary Feminist Critique and Cultural Analysis, University of WA Press, Perth

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