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Higgins P; Andersen M; Holley C; Howey K; Johnson F; Kearnes M; Khan S; Leslie G; Molloy S, 2021, Monitoring the Monitor: A Temporal Synthesis of the McArthur River Mine Independent Monitor Reports, UNSW-GWI & Environment Centre NT, Sydney,,

Holley C; Kelly B; Andersen M; Baker A; Roshan H; Triantafilis J; Regan G, 2020, National Water Reform Inquiry Submission, Australian Government Productivity Commission, Canberra, 46,

Holley C; Carmody E; Cosens B; Gardner A; Godden L; Gray J; Lindsay B; Macpherson L; Nelson R; O'Donnell E; O'Neill L; Owens K; Sinclair D, 2017, Submission to the inquiry into the reform of Australia's water resources sector,,

Thorpe A; Holley C, 2016, Submission to the NSW Government on 'Revised Consultative Committee Guidelines for State Significant Projects'

Holley C; Sinclair D, 2015, Water extraction in NSW: Stakeholder views and experience of compliance and enforcement,

Holley C; Sinclair D; Gray J; Cuadrado G, 2013, Submission to Natural Resource Commission and NSW Office of Water on the Review of 31 Water Sharing Plans, Australia

Thorpe A; Holley C; Sherry C, 2012, Submission to the NSW Government on the New Planning System for NSW Green Paper, Australia

Holley C; Nagarajan V, 2011, Submission to the ALRC on the National Classification Scheme Review, Australia

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