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Werner B; Powell E; Duggan J; Cortesi M; Lee YC; Arora V; Athavale R; Dean M; Warton K; Ford C, 2024, Cell-free DNA from ascites identifies clinically relevant variants and tumour evolution in patients with advanced ovarian cancer, ,

Cortesi M; Liu D; Powell E; Barlow E; Warton K; Ford C, 2023, Accurate identification of cancer cells in complex pre-clinical models using deep-learning: a transfection-free approach, ,

Phan Z; Ford C; Caldon E, 2023, DNA repair biomarkers to guide usage of combined PARP inhibitors and chemotherapy: a meta-analysis and systematic review, ,

Cortesi M; Liu D; Yee C; Marsh D; Ford C, 2023, Model Parameter identification using 2D vs 3D experimental data: a comparative analysis, ,

John M; Ford C, 2021, Pan-tissue and -cancer analysis of ROR1 and ROR2 transcript variants identify novel functional significance for an alternative splice variant of ROR1, ,

John M; Rao P; Noor H; Ford C, 2021, ROR1 is a novel putative druggable target for diffuse glioma, ,

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