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Song C; Zhang X; Eisenträger S; Ankit A, 2022, High-order implicit time integration scheme with controllable numerical dissipation based on mixed-order Padé expansions, ,

Song C; Eisenträger S, 2021, High-order implicit time integration scheme based on Padé expansions, ,

Zhang J; Ankit A; Gravenkamp H; Eisenträger S; Song C, 2021, A massively parallel explicit solver for elasto-dynamic problems exploiting octree meshes, ,

Ya S; Eisenträger S; Song C; Li J, 2021, An open-source ABAQUS implementation of the scaled boundary finite element method to study interfacial problems using polyhedral meshes, ,

Natarajan S; Song C; Belouettar S, 2014, Numerical evaluation of stress intensity factors and T-stress for interfacial cracks and cracks terminating at the interface without asymptotic enrichment, ,

Man H; Song C; Natarajan S; Ooi ET; Birk C, 2014, Towards Automatic Stress Analysis using Scaled Boundary Finite Element Method with Quadtree Mesh of High-order Elements, ,

Natarajan S; Ooi ET; Man H; Song C, 2013, Finite element computations on quadtree meshes: strain smoothing and semi-analytical formulation, ,

Natarajan S; Ooi ET; Chiong I; Song C, 2013, Displacement based finite element formulations over polygons: a comparison between Laplace interpolants, strain smoothing and scaled boundary polygon formulation, ,

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