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Thackway W; Ng MKM; Lee CL; Pettit C, 2021, Building a predictive machine learning model of gentrification in Sydney, ,

Thackway W; Ng MKM; Lee CL; Shi V; Pettit C, 2021, Spatial Variability of the ‘Airbnb Effect’: A Spatially Explicit Analysis of Airbnb's impact on Housing Prices in Sydney, ,

Lock O; Pettit C, 2021, Developing Participatory Analytics Techniques to Inform the Prioritization of Cycling Infrastructure, ,

Ng MKM; Pettit C, 2021, Digital Transformations in Planning: An Australian Context, ,

Beck B; Winters M; Nelson T; Pettit C; Saberi M; Thompson J; Seneviratne S; Nice KA; Zarpelon-Leao S; Stevenson M, 2021, Developing urban biking typologies: quantifying the complex interactions of bicycle ridership, bicycle network and built environment characteristics, ,

Beck B; Pettit C; Winters M; Nelson T; Vu H; Nice KA; Seneviratne S; Saberi M, 2021, Association between network characteristics and bicycle ridership across a large metropolitan region, ,

Beck B; Winters M; Thompson J; Stevenson M; Pettit C, 2021, Spatial variation in bicycling: a retrospective review of travel survey data from Greater Melbourne, Australia, ,

Ng MKM; Roper J; Pettit C; Lee CL, 2021, The Reflection of Income Segregation and Accessibility Cleavages in Sydney’s House Prices, ,

Pettit C; Crommelin L; Sharam A; Hulse K, 2018, The potential of new technologies to disrupt housing policy, ,

Pettit C; Liu E; Rennie E; Goldenfein J; Glackin S, 2018, Understanding the disruptive technology ecosystem in Australian urban and housing contexts: a roadmap, ,

Li S; Dragicevic S; Anton F; Sester M; Winter S; Coltekin A; Pettit C; Jiang B; Haworth J; Stein A; Cheng T, 2015, Geospatial Big Data Handling Theory and Methods: A Review and Research Challenges, ,

Wu H; Yoo S; Lee JB; Pettit C, Can Infrastructure, Built Environment, and Geographic Factor Negate Weather Impact on Cycling?, ,

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