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Aggleton P; Cover R; Logie CH; Newman CE; Parker R, 2023, ROUTLEDGE HANDBOOK OF SEXUALITY, GENDER, HEALTH AND RIGHTS: Second Edition,

Book Chapters

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Edited Books

Newman C; Smith AKJ; Duck-Chong E; Vivienne S; Davies C; Robinson K; Aggleton P, (eds.), 2024, Social Perspectives on Trans Health, Routledge,

Aggleton P; Cover R; Logie CH; Newman C; Parker R, (eds.), 2023, Routledge Handbook of Sexuality, Gender, Health and Rights, Routledge,

Journal articles

Smith L; Chesher I; Fredriksen-Goldsen K; Ward R; Phillipson L; Newman CE; Delhomme F, 2024, 'Investigating the lived experience of LGBT+ people with dementia and their care partners: A scoping review', Ageing and Society, 44, pp. 843 - 866,

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