Select Publications


Stockings CA, 2015, Britannia's Shield: Lieutenant-General Sir Edward Hutton and Late-Victorian Imperial Defence

Stockings C; Hancock E, 2013, Swastika over the Acropolis, BRILL

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Stockings C, 2012, Anzac's Dirty Dozen, stockings, c , (ed.), UNSW Press, Sydney

2010, Zombie Myths of Australian Military History, Stockings CA, (ed.), UNSW Press, Sydney Australia

Stockings C, 2010, Zombie Myths of Australian Military History, stockings, c , (ed.), UNSW Press

Stockings CA, 2009, Bardia: Myth, Reality and the Heirs of Anzac, Original, UNSW Press, Sydney

Stockings CA, 2007, The Making and Breaking of the Post-Federation Australian Army, 1901-09, First, Land Warfare Centre, Canberra

Stockings CA, 2007, The Torch and the Sword, Original, UNW Press, Sydney

Stockings CA, 2006, The Oxford Companion to Australian Military History, Original, Oxford University Press, Melbourne

Stockings CA, 2000, Paratroopers as Peacekeepers - 3rd Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment East Timor 1999-2000, Sydney

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