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Balnozan I; Fiebig DG; Asher A; Kohn R; Sisson SA, 2020, Hidden Group Time Profiles: Heterogeneous Drawdown Behaviours in Retirement, ,

Chin V; Gunawan D; Fiebig DG; Kohn R; Sisson SA, 2018, Efficient data augmentation for multivariate probit models with panel data: An application to general practitioner decision-making about contraceptives, ,

Gu Y; Fiebig DG; Cripps EJ; Kohn R, Bayesian Estimation of a Random Effects Heteroscedastic Probit Model, ,

Doiron D; Fiebig DG; Suziedelyte A, Hips and Hearts: The Variation in Incentive Effects of Insurance across Hospital Procedures, ,

Knox SA; Savage E; Fiebig DG; Salale V, Joiners and Leavers Stayers and Abstainers: Private Health Insurance Choices in Australia, ,

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