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Li G; Wu S; Sha Z; Zhao L; Chu D; Wang CH; Peng S, 2023, 'A triboelectric nanogenerator powered piezoresistive strain sensing technique insensitive to output variations', Nano Energy, vol. 108, pp. 108185 - 108185,

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Naveed A; Li G; Ali A; Li M; Wan T; Hassan M; Wang X; Ye P; Li X; Zhou Y; Su M; Guo R; Liu Y; Xu H; Chu D, 2023, 'Realizing high reversibility and safety of Zn anode via binary mixture of organic solvents', Nano Energy, vol. 107, pp. 108175 - 108175,

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Chu X; Sathish CI; Li M; Yang J; Li W; Qi D; Chu D; Vinu A; Yi J, 2023, 'Anti‐Stoke effect induced enhanced photocatalytic hydrogen production', Battery Energy, pp. 20220041 - 20220041,

Peng X; Hu L; Sun X; Lu Y; Chu D; Xiao P, 2023, 'Fabrication of High-Performance CsPbBr3 Perovskite Quantum Dots/Polymer Composites via Photopolymerization: Implications for Luminescent Displays and Lighting', ACS Applied Nano Materials, vol. 6, pp. 646 - 655,

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Zhu Y; Zhu R; Chen F; Zhang S; Kuo YC; Guan P; Li M; Liu Y; Han Z; Wan T; Wang DW; Wang C; Chu D, 2023, 'High Areal Capacity and Long Cycle Life Flexible Mild Quaolid-State Ag-Zn Battery with Dendrite-Free Anode', Energy and Environmental Materials,

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Peng L; Min J; Bendavid A; Chu D; Lu X; Amal R; Han Z, 2022, 'Stabilizing the Unstable: Chromium Coating on NiMo Electrode for Enhanced Stability in Intermittent Water Electrolysis', ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, vol. 14, pp. 40822 - 40833,

Guo J; Sun J; Hu L; Fang S; Ling X; Zhang X; Wang Y; Huang H; Han C; Zhou Z; Cazorla C; Yang Y; Chu D; Wu T; Yuan J; Ma W, 2022, 'Correction to: Indigo: A Natural Molecular Passivator for Efficient Perovskite Solar Cells (Advanced Energy Materials, (2022), 12, 22, (2200537), 10.1002/aenm.202200537)', Advanced Energy Materials, vol. 12,

Zhou Z; Chu D; Gao B; Momma T; Tateyama Y; Cazorla C, 2022, 'Tuning the Electronic, Ion Transport, and Stability Properties of Li-rich Manganese-based Oxide Materials with Oxide Perovskite Coatings: A First-Principles Computational Study', ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, vol. 14, pp. 37009 - 37018,

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Hu L; Duan L; Yao Y; Chen W; Zhou Z; Cazorla C; Lin CH; Guan X; Geng X; Wang F; Wan T; Wu S; Cheong S; Tilley RD; Liu S; Yuan J; Chu D; Wu T; Huang S, 2022, 'Quantum Dot Passivation of Halide Perovskite Films with Reduced Defects, Suppressed Phase Segregation, and Enhanced Stability', Advanced Science, vol. 9, pp. e2102258,

Feng Z; Zhu R; Chen F; Zhu Y; Zhou Y; Guan P; Kuo YC; Fan J; Wan T; Li M; Han Z; Su D; Chu D, 2022, 'Recent advances in water-induced electricity generation based on 2D materials: A review', Journal of Materials Research,

Zhao J; Wu X; Yu H; Wang Y; Wu P; Yang X; Chu D; Owens G; Xu H, 2022, 'Regenerable aerogel-based thermogalvanic cells for efficient low-grade heat harvesting from solar radiation and interfacial solar evaporation systems', EcoMat,

Yu J; Jia X; Peng J; Meng B; Wei Y; Hou X; Zhao J; Yang N; Xie K; Chu D; Li L, 2022, 'Synergistic Effect of Nitrogen-Sulfur Codoping on Honeycomb-like Carbon-Based High-Energy-Density Zinc-Ion Hybrid Supercapacitors', ACS Applied Energy Materials,

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Chu D; Hongling G; Rutao M; Long H; Chun Ho L; Yali S; yue L; Jianyu W; Zhan S; Gang W; Li W; Guangxing L; Shifu X; Fangfang L; Yi Z; Tom W, 2021, 'Optimization of the Selenization Pressure Enables Efficient Cu2ZnSn(S,Se)4 Solar Cells', Solar RRL,

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