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Bhowmik K; Peng GD; Ambikairajah E; Rajan G, 2015, 'High sensitivity polymer fibre bragg grating sensors and devices', in Photonic Materials for Sensing, Biosensing and Display Devices, Springer International Publishing, Springer International Publishing Switzerland 2016, pp. 289 - 312,

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Ambikairajah E; Sethu V; Eaton R; Sheng M, 2014, 'Evolving use of educational technologies: Enhancing lectures', in Using Technology Tools to Innovate Assessment, Reporting, and Teaching Practices in Engineering Education, pp. 241 - 258,

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Ambikairajah E; Holmes WH, 2002, 'Wideband speech and audio coding in the perceptual domain', in Wysocki TA; Darnell M; Honary B (ed.), Advanced Signal Processing for Communication Systems, edn. KLUWER INTERNATIONAL SERIES IN ENGINEERING AND COMPUTER SCIE, Kluwer Academic Publishers, Netherlands, pp. 15 - 30,

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Ambikairajah E; Jones E; Gallery R, 1990, 'A Physiologically Based Front-End Processor for Speech Recognition', in Workshops in Computing, Springer London, pp. 275 - 291,

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