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Bhowmik K; Peng GD; Ambikairajah E; Rajan G, 2015, 'High sensitivity polymer fibre bragg grating sensors and devices', in Springer Series in Materials Science, Springer International Publishing, Springer International Publishing Switzerland 2016, pp. 289 - 312,

Sethu V; Epps J; Ambikairajah E, 2015, 'Speech based emotion recognition', in Speech and Audio Processing for Coding, Enhancement and Recognition, Springer Link, pp. 197 - 228,

Ambikairajah E; Sethu V; Eaton R; Sheng M, 2014, 'Evolving use of educational technologies: Enhancing lectures', in Using Technology Tools to Innovate Assessment, Reporting, and Teaching Practices in Engineering Education, pp. 241 - 258,

Epps JR; Ambikairajah E, 2011, 'Speech characterization and feature extraction for speaker recognition', in Li H; Toh KA; Li LY (ed.), Advanced Topics in Biometrics, World Scientific Publishing Company, Singapore, pp. 45,

Ambikairajah E; Holmes WH, 2002, 'Wideband speech and audio coding in the perceptual domain', in Wysocki TA; Darnell M; Honary B (ed.), ADVANCED SIGNAL PROCESSING FOR COMMUNICATION SYSTEMS, edn. KLUWER INTERNATIONAL SERIES IN ENGINEERING AND COMPUTER SCIE, Kluwer Academic Publishers, Netherlands, pp. 15 - 30,

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