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Mathews J; Thurbon E; Kim S-Y; Tan H, 2022, 'Gone with the wind: how state power and industrial policy in the offshore wind power sector are blowing away the obstacles to East Asia’s green energy transition', Review of Evolutionary Political Economy,

Weiss L; Thurbon E, 2022, 'Explaining divergent National Responses to Covid-19: An Enhanced State Capacity Framework', New Political Economy, 27, pp. 697 - 712,

Thurbon E; Kim SY; Mathews JA; Tan H, 2021, 'More ‘Creative’ Than ‘Destructive’? Synthesizing Schumpeterian and Developmental State Perspectives to Explain Mixed Results in Korea’s Clean Energy Shift', Journal of Environment and Development, 30, pp. 265 - 290,

Tan H; Thurbon E; Kim SY; Mathews JA, 2021, 'Overcoming incumbent resistance to the clean energy shift: How local governments act as change agents in coal power station closures in China', Energy Policy, 149,

Weiss L; Thurbon E, 2021, 'Developmental State or Economic Statecraft? Where, Why and How the Difference Matters', New Political Economy, 26, pp. 472 - 489,

Thurbon E; Weiss L, 2021, 'Economic statecraft at the frontier: Korea’s drive for intelligent robotics', Review of International Political Economy, 28, pp. 103 - 127,

Rethel L; Thurbon E, 2020, 'Introduction: Finance, Development and the State in East Asia', New Political Economy, 25, pp. 315 - 319,

Thurbon E, 2020, 'The Future of Financial Activism in Taiwan? The Utility of a Mindset-centred Analysis of Developmental States and Their Evolution', New Political Economy, 25, pp. 320 - 336,

Weiss L; Thurbon E, 2018, 'Power paradox: how the extension of US infrastructural power abroad diminishes state capacity at home', Review of International Political Economy, 25, pp. 779 - 810,

Thurbon EC, 2016, 'Trade Agreements and the Myth of Policy Constraint in Australia', Australian Journal of Political Science, 51, pp. 636 - 651,

Thurbon EC, 2015, 'Ten Years Since the Australia-US Free Trade Agreement: Where to for Australia's Trade Policy?', Australian Journal of International Affairs

Thurbon EC, 2015, 'The Abandonment of Procurement-Linked Strategic Activism in Australia: Standing Still with Room to Move', Australian Journal of International Affairs, 69, pp. 577 - 594,

Kim SY; Thurbon E, 2015, 'Developmental Environmentalism: Explaining South Korea’s Ambitious Pursuit of Green Growth', Politics and Society, 43, pp. 213 - 240,

Thurbon EC, 2014, 'The Developmental State: A Conceptual Defence', Critique Internationale, 63, pp. 59 - 75,

Weiss L; Thurbon EC; Mathews J, 2006, 'Free trade in mad cows: how to kill a beef industry', Australian Journal of International Affairs, 60, pp. 376 - 399,

Thurbon EC; Weiss L, 2006, 'From Player to Pawn: Howard`s Trade Legacy', Australian Journal of Public Affairs, February, pp. Web - Web

Thurbon EC; Weiss L, 2006, 'Investing in Openness: The Evolution of FDI Strategyin South Korea and Taiwan', New Political Economy, 11, pp. 1 - 22,

Weiss L; Thurbon EC, 2006, 'The Business of Buying American: Public Procurement as Trade Strategy in the USA', Review of International Political Economy, 13, pp. 701 - 721,

Weiss L; Thurbon EC, 2004, 'Where there`s a will there`s a way: Governing the market in times of uncertainty', Issues and Studies, 401, pp. 61 - 72

Thurbon EC, 2003, 'Ideational inconsistency and institutional inertia: Why financial liberalisation in South Korea went horribly wrong', New Political Economy, 8, pp. 341 - 361,

Thurbon , 2001, 'Two Paths to Financial Liberalisation: South Korea and Taiwan', Pacific Review, 14, pp. 241 - 268,

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