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Mathews J; Thurbon E; Kim S-Y; Tan H, 2023, 'Gone with the wind: how state power and industrial policy in the offshore wind power sector are blowing away the obstacles to East Asia’s green energy transition', Review of Evolutionary Political Economy, 4, pp. 27 - 48,

Weiss L; Thurbon E, 2022, 'Explaining divergent National Responses to Covid-19: An Enhanced State Capacity Framework', New Political Economy, 27, pp. 697 - 712,

Thurbon E; Kim SY; Mathews JA; Tan H, 2021, 'More ‘Creative’ Than ‘Destructive’? Synthesizing Schumpeterian and Developmental State Perspectives to Explain Mixed Results in Korea’s Clean Energy Shift', Journal of Environment and Development, 30, pp. 265 - 290,

Tan H; Thurbon E; Kim SY; Mathews JA, 2021, 'Overcoming incumbent resistance to the clean energy shift: How local governments act as change agents in coal power station closures in China', Energy Policy, 149, pp. 112058,

Weiss L; Thurbon E, 2021, 'Developmental State or Economic Statecraft? Where, Why and How the Difference Matters', New Political Economy, 26, pp. 472 - 489,

Thurbon E; Weiss L, 2021, 'Economic statecraft at the frontier: Korea’s drive for intelligent robotics', Review of International Political Economy, 28, pp. 103 - 127,

Rethel L; Thurbon E, 2020, 'Introduction: Finance, Development and the State in East Asia', New Political Economy, 25, pp. 315 - 319,

Thurbon E, 2020, 'The Future of Financial Activism in Taiwan? The Utility of a Mindset-centred Analysis of Developmental States and Their Evolution', New Political Economy, 25, pp. 320 - 336,

Weiss L; Thurbon E, 2018, 'Power paradox: how the extension of US infrastructural power abroad diminishes state capacity at home', Review of International Political Economy, 25, pp. 779 - 810,

Thurbon EC, 2016, 'Trade Agreements and the Myth of Policy Constraint in Australia', Australian Journal of Political Science,

Thurbon EC, 2015, 'Ten Years Since the Australia-US Free Trade Agreement: Where to for Australia's Trade Policy?', Australian Journal of International Affairs

Thurbon EC, 2015, 'The Abandonment of Procurement-Linked Strategic Activism in Australia: Standing Still with Room to Move', Australian Journal of International Affairs, 69, pp. 577 - 594,

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Weiss L; Thurbon EC, 2006, 'The Business of Buying American: Public Procurement as Trade Strategy in the USA', Review of International Political Economy, 13, pp. 701 - 721

Weiss L; Thurbon EC, 2004, 'Where there`s a will there`s a way: Governing the market in times of uncertainty', Issues and Studies, 401, pp. 61 - 72

Thurbon EC, 2003, 'Ideational inconsistency and institutional inertia: Why financial liberalisation in South Korea went horribly wrong', New Political Economy, 8

Thurbon , 2001, 'Two Paths to Financial Liberalisation: South Korea and Taiwan', Pacific Review, 14, pp. 241 - 268,

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