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Singh M; Jackson K; Wang JJ; Schofield P; Field M; Rischmueller M; Luciani F; Gordon T; Goodnow C; Reed J, 2020, 'GENOMIC ANALYSIS OF B CELLS PRODUCING PATHOGENIC RHEUMATOID FACTORS', in INTERNAL MEDICINE JOURNAL, WILEY, Vol. 50, pp. 47 - 47,

Budzinska MA; Tu T; D'avigdo WMH; Mccaughan GW; Luciani F; Shackel NA, 2016, 'Accumulation of deleterious passenger mutations is associated with the progression of hepatocellular carcinoma', in PLoS ONE, Vol. 11,

Budzinska MA; Tu T; Luciani F; Shackel NA, 2015, 'Deleterious passenger mutations as a marker for progression towards liver cancer', in JOURNAL OF GASTROENTEROLOGY AND HEPATOLOGY, WILEY-BLACKWELL, Vol. 30, pp. 4 - 5,

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