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Gratton G; Morelli M, 2022, 'OPTIMAL CHECKS AND BALANCES UNDER POLICY UNCERTAINTY', International Economic Review, vol. 63, pp. 549 - 569,

Gratton G; Holden R; Lee BE, 2021, 'Political Capital', JOURNAL OF LAW ECONOMICS & ORGANIZATION, vol. 38, pp. 632 - 674,

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Gratton G, 2015, 'The sound of silence: Political accountability and libel law', European Journal of Political Economy, vol. 37, pp. 266 - 279,

Gratton G, 2014, 'Book Review - Collective Action and Exchange: A Game Theoretic Approach to Contemporary Political Economy, William D. Ferguson. Stanford UP (2013). 448 pp., $49.95 (paper), ISBN: 9780804770040 (paper)', Journal of Economic Psychology, vol. 42, pp. 192 - 193,

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Fourati M; Gratton G; Grosjean PA, 'Render Unto Caesar: Taxes, Charity, and Political Islam', SSRN Electronic Journal,


Gratton G; Holden R; Kolotilin A, Timing Information Flows,


Gratton G, 2019, Rate cuts might hurt, as well as help. What if this man didn’t need to do as much?,

Gratton G, 2019, Our economic model looks broken, but trying to fix it could be a disaster,

Gratton G; Holden R, 2018, QuItaly is Now a Real Possibility,

Gratton G, 2018, The many ways Australia isn’t as pro-trade as we claim,

Gratton G; Holden R, 2018, Can Australia avoid Europe’s populist fate?

Gratton G; Holden R, 2017, Labor Should Take Heed

Gratton G; Grosjean P; Fourati M, 2016, Voting Islamist: It's the economy, stupid,


Ghosh S; Gratton G; Shen C, Intimidation: Linking Negotiation and Conflict,

Gratton G; Lee BE, Liberty, Security, and Accountability: The Rise and Fall of Illiberal Democracies,

Bouton L; Gratton G, Majority Runoff Elections: Strategic Voting and Duverger's Hypothesis,

Gratton G; Holden R; Kolotilin A, Timing Information Flows,

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