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Book Chapters

Fourati M; Gratton G; Masera F, 2023, 'Politics, Religion and the Evolution of the Welfare State', in The Economics of Religion, pp. 111 - 133,

Journal articles

Gratton G; Lee BE, 2024, 'Liberty, Security, and Accountability: The Rise and Fall of Illiberal Democracies', Review of Economic Studies, 91, pp. 340 - 371,

Jacob M; Lee BE; Gratton G, 2024, 'From Gridlock to Polarization', SSRN Electronic Journal,

Gratton G; Morelli M, 2023, 'Erratum to: OPTIMAL CHECKS AND BALANCES UNDER POLICY UNCERTAINTY (International Economic Review, (2022), 63, 2, (549-569), 10.1111/iere.12547)', International Economic Review, 64, pp. 871,

Gratton G; Lee BE, 2023, 'Drain the Swamp: A Theory of Anti-Elite Populism', SSRN Electronic Journal,

Gratton G; Holden R; Lee BE, 2022, 'Political Capital', Journal of Law, Economics, and Organization, 38, pp. 632 - 674,

Gratton G; Morelli M, 2022, 'OPTIMAL CHECKS AND BALANCES UNDER POLICY UNCERTAINTY', International Economic Review, 63, pp. 549 - 569,

Gratton G; Guiso L; Michelacci C; Morelli M, 2021, 'From weber to kafka: Political instability and the overproduction of laws', American Economic Review, 111, pp. 2964 - 3003,

Gratton G; Zudenkova G, 2020, 'Introduction to the special issue political games: Strategy, persuasion, and learning', Games, 11,

Ghosh S; Gratton G; Shen C, 2019, 'INTIMIDATION: LINKING NEGOTIATION AND CONFLICT', International Economic Review, 60, pp. 1589 - 1618,

Fourati M; Gratton G; Grosjean P, 2019, 'Render unto Caesar: Taxes, charity, and political Islam', European Economic Review, 119, pp. 114 - 146,

Holden R; Gratton G; Kolotilin A, 2018, 'When to Drop a Bombshell', Review of Economic Studies, 85, pp. 2139 - 2172,

Gratton G; Kolotilin A, 2015, 'Euclidean fairness and efficiency', Economic Inquiry, 53, pp. 1689 - 1690,

Bouton L; Gratton G, 2015, 'Majority runoff elections: Strategic voting and Duverger's hypothesis', Theoretical Economics, 10, pp. 283 - 314,

Gratton G, 2015, 'The sound of silence: Political accountability and libel law', European Journal of Political Economy, 37, pp. 266 - 279,

Gratton G, 2014, 'Book Review - Collective Action and Exchange: A Game Theoretic Approach to Contemporary Political Economy, William D. Ferguson. Stanford UP (2013). 448 pp., $49.95 (paper), ISBN: 9780804770040 (paper)', Journal of Economic Psychology, 42, pp. 192 - 193,

Gratton G, 2014, 'Pandering and electoral competition', Games and Economic Behavior, 84, pp. 163 - 179,

Gratton G; Morelli M, 'Optimal Checks and Balances Under Policy Uncertainty', SSRN Electronic Journal,

Fourati M; Gratton G; Grosjean PA, 'Render Unto Caesar: Taxes, Charity, and Political Islam', SSRN Electronic Journal,


Gratton G; Holden R; Kolotilin A, 2015, Timing Information Flows, 2015-16,


Gratton G, 2019, Rate cuts might hurt, as well as help. What if this man didn’t need to do as much?, ,

Gratton G, 2019, Our economic model looks broken, but trying to fix it could be a disaster, ,

Gratton G; Holden R, 2018, QuItaly is Now a Real Possibility, ,

Gratton G, 2018, The many ways Australia isn’t as pro-trade as we claim, ,

Gratton G; Holden R, 2018, Can Australia avoid Europe’s populist fate?,

Gratton G; Holden R, 2017, Labor Should Take Heed,

Gratton G; Grosjean P; Fourati M, 2016, Voting Islamist: It's the economy, stupid, ,


Ghosh S; Gratton G; Shen C, Intimidation: Linking Negotiation and Conflict, ,

Gratton G; Lee BE, Liberty, Security, and Accountability: The Rise and Fall of Illiberal Democracies, ,

Bouton L; Gratton G, Majority Runoff Elections: Strategic Voting and Duverger's Hypothesis, ,

Gratton G, Pandering, Faith, and Electoral Competition, ,

Gratton G; Holden R; Kolotilin A, Timing Information Flows, ,

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