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Froyland G;Padberg-Gehle K, 2014, 'Almost-invariant and finite-time coherent sets: Directionality, duration, and diffusion', in Springer Proceedings in Mathematics and Statistics, pp. 171 - 216,

Froyland G;Padberg-Gehle K, 2014, 'Chapter 9 Almost-Invariant and Finite-Time Coherent Sets: Directionality, Duration, and Diffusion', in Bahsoun W;Bose C;Froyland G (ed.), ERGODIC THEORY, OPEN DYNAMICS, AND COHERENT STRUCTURES, edn. Springer Proceedings in Mathematics & Statistics, SPRINGER, Banff, CANADA, pp. 171 - 216,

Froyland G, 2001, 'Extracting dynamical behavior via Markov models', in Mees AI (ed.), NONLINEAR DYNAMICS AND STATISTICS, BIRKHAUSER BOSTON, UNIV CAMBRIDGE, ISSAC NEWTON INST, CAMBRIDGE, ENGLAND, pp. 281 - 321,

Dellnitz M;Froyland G;Junge O, 2001, 'The Algorithms Behind GAIO — Set Oriented Numerical Methods for Dynamical Systems', in Ergodic Theory, Analysis, and Efficient Simulation of Dynamical Systems, Springer, pp. 145 - 174

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