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Pusch A; Dubajic M; Nielsen MP; Conibeer GJ; Bremner SP; Ekins-Daukes NJ, 2020, Optoelectronic Reciprocity in Hot Carrier Solar Cells with Ideal Energy Selective Contacts

Ren D; Ahtapodov L; Nilsen JS; Yang J; Gustafsson A; Huh J; Conibeer GJ; van Helvoort ATJ; Fimland B-O; Weman H, 2017, Single-mode Near-infrared Lasing in a GaAsSb/GaAs Nanowire Superlattice at Room Temperature

Limpert S; Burke A; Chen I-J; Anttu N; Lehmann S; Fahlvik S; Bremner S; Conibeer G; Thelander C; Pistol M-E; Linke H, 2017, Single-nanowire, low-bandgap hot carrier solar cells with tunable open-circuit voltage

Johnson CM; Reece PJ; Conibeer GJ, 2012, Theoretical and experimental evaluation of multilayer porous silicon structures for enhanced erbium up-conversion luminescence

Zhang B; Yao Y; Patterson R; Shrestha S; Green MA; Conibeer G, 2011, Electrical Properties of Conductive Ge Nanocrystal Thin Films Fabricated by Low Temperature In-situ Growth

Guillemoles JF; Conibeer G; Green M, 2006, Phononic engineering with nanostructures for hot carrier solar cells

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