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Rachumalla PR; Descallar J; Pal A; Wilson BE; Xuan W; Kiely BE; Mok K; Moylan E; Balakrishnar B; Adams D; Harvey S; Harrison M; Tognela A; Asghari R; DellaFiorentina S; De Souza P; Yap M; Lim K; Delaney G; Papadatos G; Boxer M; Vinod S; Lee CI, 2018, 'Is serum CA15-3 useful for assessing disease progression during systemic therapy in patients with metastatic breast cancer (MBC)?', Vol. 14, pp. 168 - 168,

Oar A; Vinod S; Gabriel G; Shafiq J; Barton M; Delaney G, 2018, 'Has Lung Cancer Radiotherapy Utilisation Changed over Time in New South Wales, Australia?', Vol. 13, pp. S622 - S622,

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