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Metternicht G; del Valle H; Tentor F; Sione W; Zamboni P; Aceñolaza P, 2022, Quality assessment of open access Digital Terrain Models to estimate topographic attributes relevant to soil vertic properties prediction. A case study of Entre Rios province (Argentina), ,

Broadbent G; Metternicht G, 2021, The trucking industry has begun to turn electric — but passenger vehicles will take a little longer, ,

Broadbent G; Metternicht G, 2020, Electric car sales tripled last year. Here’s what we can do to keep them growing, ,

Broadbent G; Metternicht G, 2019, Don’t trust the environmental hype about electric vehicles? The economic benefits might convince you, The Conversation, ,

Broadbent G; Metternicht G, 2018, Australia’s ‘electric car revolution’ won’t happen automatically, The Conversation, ,

Broadbent G; Metternicht G; Drozdzewski D, 2017, Negative charge: why is Australia so slow at adopting electric cars?, The Conversation, ,

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