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Farzadkhoo M; Kingsford RT; Suthers IM; Felder S, 2023, Flow hydrodynamics drive effective fish attraction behaviour into slotted fishway entrances, ,

Watson S; McLean D; Balcom B; Birchenough SNR; Brand AM; Camprasse ECM; Claisse JT; Joop CJW; Cresswell T; Fokkema B; Susan G; Lea-Anne H; Chad HL; Love MS; MacIntosh A; Marnane M; McKinley E; Micallef S; Morgan D; Nicolette J; Ounanian K; Paterson J; Seath K; Selman AGL; Suthers IM; Todd VLG; Tung A; Macreadie PI, 2023, Offshore Decommissioning Horizon Scan: Research Priorities to Support Decision-Making Activities for Oil and Gas Infrastructure, ,

Everett J; Heneghan R; Blanchard J; Suthers I; Pakhomov E; Sykes P; Schoeman D; Baird M; Basedow SL; Błachowiak-Samołyk K; Heath M; Hopcroft R; Huggett J; Huret M; Kimmel D; Labat J-P; Lopes R; Marcolin C; Nogueira E; Noyon M; Schultes S; Sourisseau M; Swadling K; Trudnowska E; Richardson A, 2022, Self-organisation of zooplankton communities produces similar food chain lengths throughout the ocean, ,

Goddard BK; Becker A; Harasti D; Smith JA; Suthers IM, 2021, The Trophic Basis of Fish Assemblages in Temperate Estuarine and Coastal Ecosystems, ,

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