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Brown J; Albanese B; Ho C; Elkington J; Koppel S; Charlton JL; Olivier J; Keay L; Bilston L, 2022, Updated population-level estimates of child restraint practices among children aged 0-12 years in Australia, ten years after introduction of age-appropriate restraint use legislation,

Radun I; Kaistinen J; Olivier J; Pless B, 2019, The alleged 20:1 benefit-to-cost ratio of cycling: missing analyses and uncritical citations,

Radun I; Radun J; Kaistinen J; Olivier J; Kecklund G; Theorell T, 2018, Endangering yourself to save another: A real life ethical dilemma,

Radun I; Olivier J, 2018, Bicycle helmet law does not deter cyclists in Finland,

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