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Reddy PJ; Chinta S; Matear R; Taylor J; Baki H; Thatcher M; Kala J; Sharples J, 2023, Machine Learning based Parameter Sensitivity of Regional Climate Models -- A Case Study of the WRF Model for Heat Extremes over Southeast Australia, ,

Ndalila MN; Williamson GJ; Fox-Hughes P; Sharples J; Bowman DMJS, 2019, Evolution of an extreme Pyrocumulonimbus-driven wildfire event in Tasmania, Australia, ,

McRae RHD; Sharples JJ; Fromm M, 2014, Linking local wildfire dynamics to pyroCb development, ,

Simpson CC; Sharples JJ; Evans JP, 2014, Resolving vorticity-driven lateral fire spread using the WRF-Fire coupled atmosphere-fire numerical model, ,

Reddy PJ; Perkins-Kirkpatrick SE; Ridder NN; Sharples JJ, Combined Role of Enso and Iod on Compound Drought and Heatwaves in Australia, ,

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