Select Publications

Edited Books

Moss J; Umbers L, (ed.), 2020, Climate Justice and Non-State Actors, Routledge, London

Moss J; Broom A; Aggleton P, (eds.), 2019, Practical Justice, Routledge

Aggleton P; Broom A; Moss J, (eds.), 2019, Practical Justice: Principles, Practice and Social Change, Routledge, London

Moss J; McMann M; Rae J; Zipprich A; Macer DRJ; Nyambati AR; Ngo D; Cheng M; Manohar N; Wolbring G, (eds.), 2012, Energy Equity and Environmental Security, Bangkok, UNESCO Publishing

Marston G; Moss J; Quiggin J, (eds.), 2010, Risk and Responsibility, Melbourne University Press, Melbourne

Moss J, (ed.), 2009, Climate Change and Social Justice, Melbourne University Press, Melbourne

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