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Yin X; Zhu Y; Xie Y; Hu J, 2022, PowerFDNet: Deep Learning-Based Stealthy False Data Injection Attack Detection for AC-model Transmission Systems, ,

Zhu Y; Yin X; Jia X; Hu J, 2022, Pair-Relationship Modeling for Latent Fingerprint Recognition, ,

Zhu Y; Yin X; Hu J, 2022, FingerGAN: A Constrained Fingerprint Generation Scheme for Latent Fingerprint Enhancement, ,

Yin X; Wang S; Zhu Y; Hu J, 2022, A Novel Length-Flexible Lightweight Cancelable Fingerprint Template for Privacy-Preserving Authentication Systems in Resource-Constrained IoT Applications, ,

Han Y; Zheng B; Zhao L; Hu J; Zhang C; Xiao R; Wang C; Pu D, 2021, Impact of Background Music on the Performance of Laparoscopy Teams, ,

Tran NN; Pota HR; Tran QN; Hu J, 2020, Designing constraint-based false data injection attacks against the unbalanced distribution smart grids, ,

Tran NN; Pota HR; Tran QN; Yin X; Hu J, 2020, Designing False Data Injection attacks penetrating AC-based Bad Data Detection System and FDI Dataset generation, ,

Zhang J; Jia X; Hu J; Chanussot J, 2019, Online Structured Sparsity-based Moving Object Detection from Satellite Videos, ,

Zhang J; Jia X; Hu J, 2019, Error Bounded Foreground and Background Modeling for Moving Object Detection in Satellite Videos, ,

Shen M; Liao Z; Zhu L; Mijumbi R; Du X; Hu J, 2018, IriTrack: Liveness Detection Using Irises Tracking for Preventing Face Spoofing Attacks, ,

Shen M; Ma B; Zhu L; Mijumbi R; Du X; Hu J, 2018, Cloud-Based Approximate Constrained Shortest Distance Queries Over Encrypted Graphs With Privacy Protection, ,

Song C-X; Yin S; Ma L; Wheeler A; Chen Y; Zhang Y; Liu B; Xiong J; Zhang W; Hu J; Zhou Z; Dong B; Tian Z; Jeffrey SS; Chua M-S; So S; Li W; Wei Y; Diao J; Xie D; Quake SR, 2017, 5-Hydroxymethylcytosine signatures in cell-free DNA provide information about tumor types and stages, ,

An S; Boussaid F; Bennamoun M; Hu J, 2017, From Deep to Shallow: Transformations of Deep Rectifier Networks, ,

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