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Hunter J; Crittenden S, 2023, The Australian jury in black and white: Barriers to Indigenous Representation on juries, Australasian Institute of Judicial Administration Inc, Sydney, Australia,

Hunter JB; Crittenden S, 2022, NTLRC Submission on Jury Act 1962

Hunter J; Baker A, 2021, Review of Witness Competence in South Australia Submission to the South Australian Law Reform Institute (SALRI),

Peleg N; Hunter , 2015, Children’s Champions and Pre-Recording of Evidence

Hunter JB, 2014, Jurors' Notions of Justice: An Empirical Study of Motivations to Investigate & Obedience to Judicial Directions, Law and Justice Foundation of NSW,

Hunter JB; Steel Z; Pearson L; Silove D; San Roque M; Frommer N; Redman R, 2013, Managing and Understanding Psychological Issues among Refugee Applicants: Resources Manual and Guidelines for Best Practice, UNSW

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