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Shvetcov A; Kupper JF; Zheng W-Y; Slade A; Han J; Whitton A; Spoelma M; Hoon L; Mouzakis K; Vasa R; Gupta S; Venkatesh S; Newby J; Christensen H, 2023, Passive sensing data predicts stress in university students: A supervised machine learning method for digital phenotyping, ,

Listiyandini RA; Andriani A; Kusristanti C; Moulds M; Mahoney A; Newby JM, 2023, Culturally Adapting an Internet-Delivered Mindfulness Intervention for Indonesian University Students Experiencing Psychological Distress: Mixed Methods Study (Preprint), ,

Black M; Johnston D; Elliott R; O'Leary C; Patel S; Smith A; Parker J; Griffiths K; Klaus K; Clarke J; Watson P; Lafortune L; Rae S; Watkins ER; Gilbody S; Kuyken W; Hitchcock C; Newby J; Bevan A; Dalgleish T, 2023, A randomised controlled feasibility trial (the HARMONIC Trial) of a novel modular transdiagnostic intervention—Shaping Healthy Minds—versus psychological treatment-as-usual, for clinic-attending adults with comorbid mood, stressor-related and anxiety disorders, ,

Shvetcov A; Whitton A; Kasturi S; Zheng W-Y; Beames J; Ibrahim O; Han J; Hoon L; Mouzakis K; Gupta S; Venkatesh S; Christensen H; Newby J, 2022, Machine learning identifies a COVID-19-specific phenotype in university students using a mental health app, ,

Tadros M; Li S; Upton E; Newby J; Werner-Seidler A, 2022, Preferences of University Students for a Psychological Intervention Designed to Improve Sleep: Focus Group Study (Preprint), ,

Beames J; Spanos S; Roberts A; McGillivray L; Li S; Newby J; O'Dea B; Werner-Seidler A, 2022, Intervention programs targeting the mental health, professional burnout, or wellbeing of school teachers: A systematic review and meta-analyses, ,

Huckvale K; Hoon L; Stech E; Newby J; Zheng W-Y; Han J; Vasa R; Gupta S; Barnett S; Senadeera M; Cameron S; Kurniawan S; Agarwal A; Kupper JF; Asbury J; Willie D; Grant A; Cutler H; Parkinson B; Ahumada-Canale A; Beames J; Logothetis R; Bautista M; Rosenberg J; Shvetcov A; Quinn T; Mackinnon A; Rana S; Tran T; Rosenbaum S; Mouzakis K; Werner-Seidler A; Whitton A; Venkatesh S; Christensen H, 2022, Protocol for a bandit-based response adaptive trial to evaluate the effectiveness of brief self-guided digital interventions for reducing psychological distress in university students: The Vibe Up Study, ,

Sharrock MJ; Mahoney A; Haskelberg H; Millard M; Newby J, 2021, The uptake and outcomes of Internet cognitive behavioural therapy for health anxiety symptoms during the COVID-19 pandemic, ,

Coleshill MJ; Baldwin P; Black M; Newby J; Shrestha T; Haffar S; Mills L; Stensel A; Cockayne N; Tennant J; Harvey S; Christensen H, 2021, The Essential Network (TEN): Protocol for an Implementation Study of a Digital-First Mental Health Solution for Australian Health Care Workers During COVID-19 (Preprint), ,

McKeon G; Papadopoulos E; Firth J; Joshi R; Teasdale S; Newby J; Rosenbaum S, 2021, Social Media Interventions Targeting Exercise and Diet Behaviours in People with Noncommunicable Diseases (NCDs): A Systematic Review (Preprint), ,

Zhang J; Meiser-Stedman R; Jones B; Smith P; Dalgleish T; Boyle A; Dixon C; Sinclaire-Harding L; Schweizer S; Newby J; McKinnon A, 2021, Trajectory of Post-traumatic Stress and Depression among Children and Adolescents Following Single-incident trauma, ,

Beames J; Li S; Newby J; Maston K; Christensen H; Werner-Seidler A, 2021, The Upside: Coping and Psychological Resilience in Australian Adolescents During the COVID-19 Pandemic, ,

Li S; Beames J; Newby J; Maston K; Christensen H; Werner-Seidler A, 2020, The impact of COVID-19 on the lives and mental health of Australian adolescents, ,

Black M; Hitchcock C; Bevan A; Leary CO; Clarke J; Elliott R; Watson P; Lafortune L; Rae S; Gilbody S; Kuyken W; Johnston D; Newby J; Dalgleish T, 2018, The HARMONIC trial: Study protocol for a randomised controlled feasibility trial of Shaping Healthy Minds – a modular transdiagnostic intervention for mood, stress and anxiety disorders in adults, ,

Werner-Seidler A; Li SH; Spanos S; Johnston L; O' Dea B; Michelle T; Ribberband L; Newby JM; Mackinnon AJ; Christensen H, The Effects of a Sleep-Focused Smartphone Application on Insomnia and Depressive Symptoms: A Randomised Controlled Trial and Mediation Analysis, ,

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