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Martin A; Burns E; Kennett R; Pearson J, 2023, 'Harnessing biopsychology and mobile technology to develop motivation science in the next decade', in Bong M; Reeve J; Kim S (ed.), Motivation Science: Controversies and Insights, Oxford University Press, Oxford, pp. 435 - 440,

Keogh R; Pearson J; Zeman A, 2021, 'Aphantasia: The science of visual imagery extremes', in Handbook of Clinical Neurology: Neurology of Vision and Visual Disorders, pp. 277 - 296,

Pearson J, 2012, 'Sates of Consciousness', in Passer M; Smith R (ed.), Psychology: The science of mind and behaviour, edn. Original, Australia, pp. 173 - 212

Tong F; Pearson J, 2007, 'Vision', in Baars B; Gage N (ed.), Cognition, Brain and Consciousness, edn. 1, Academic Press, United Kingdom, pp. 149 - 182

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