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Mattick JS, 2018, 'The Modern RNA World Foreword', in LONG NON-CODING RNA: THE DARK SIDE OF THE GENOME, ISTE LTD, pp. IX - +,

Mattick JS, 2018, 'The Modern RNA World', in Long Non-coding RNA, Elsevier, pp. ix - xv,

Mattick JS, 2017, 'The future of molecular pathology', in Molecular Pathology in Cancer Research, pp. 349 - 357,

Mattick JS; Hobbs M; Cox PT; Dalrymple BP, 1993, 'Molecular Biology of the Fimbriae of Dichelobacter (Previously Bacteroides) nodosus', in Brock/Springer Series in Contemporary Bioscience, Springer New York, pp. 517 - 545,

Mattick JS; Ablett EM; Edmonson DL, 1992, 'THE GENE LIBRARY - PRESERVATION AND ANALYSIS OF GENETIC DIVERSITY IN AUSTRALASIA', in Conservation of Plant Genes, Elsevier, pp. 15 - 35,

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