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Abdelfattah S; Kasmarik K; Hu J, 2023, A Robust Policy Bootstrapping Algorithm for Multi-objective Reinforcement Learning in Non-stationary Environments, ,

Tran VP; Perera A; Garratt MA; Kasmarik K; Anavatti S, 2023, Coverage Path Planning with Budget Constraints for Multiple Unmanned Ground Vehicles, ,

Nguyen DT; Kasmarik K; Abbass H, 2022, Fusing Interpretable Knowledge of Neural Network Learning Agents For Swarm-Guidance, ,

Tran VP; Garratt MA; Kasmarik K; Anavatti SG, 2021, Frontier-led Swarming: Robust Multi-Robot Coverage of Unknown Environments, ,

Nguyen TD; Kasmarik KE; Abbass HA, 2020, Q-Learning with Differential Entropy of Q-Tables, ,

Nguyen HT; Nguyen TD; Tran VP; Garratt M; Kasmarik K; Anavatti S; Barlow M; Abbass HA, 2020, Continuous Deep Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning for Ground-Air Swarm Shepherding, ,

Nguyen DT; Kasmarik KE; Abbass HA, 2020, Towards Interpretable ANNs: An Exact Transformation to Multi-Class Multivariate Decision Trees, ,

Nguyen H; Tran V; Nguyen T; Garratt M; Kasmarik K; Barlow M; Anavatti S; Abbass H, 2018, Apprenticeship Bootstrapping Via Deep Learning with a Safety Net for UAV-UGV Interaction, ,

Abbass HA; Leu G; Merrick K, 2016, A Review of Theoretical and Practical Challenges of Trusted Autonomy in Big Data, ,

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