Select Publications


Al Abiad N; van Schooten K; Renaudin V; Delbaere K; Robert T, 2023, Association of prospective falls in older people with ubiquitous step-based fall risk parameters calculated from ambulatory inertial signals: retrospective observational data analysis study (Preprint), ,

Hicks C; Smith N; Ratanapongleka M; Menant J; Turner J; Lo J; Garcia J; Valenzuela M; Chaplin C; Delbaere K; Herber R; Sherrington C; Toson B; Lord S; Sturnieks D, 2023, smart±step exergame and seated computer brain training for preventing falls in community-dwelling older people: a 12-month randomised controlled trial., ,

Mastrogiovanni C; Rosenbaum S; Delbaere K; Tiedemann A; Teasdale S; McGavin A; Briggs N; McKeon G, 2022, A mental health-informed, online health promotion program targeting physical activity and healthy eating for adults aged 60+ years: study protocol for the MovingTogether randomised controlled trial, ,

Wettasinghe PM; Allan W; Garvey G; Timbery A; Hoskins S; Veinovic M; Daylight G; Mack H; Minogue C; Broe GA; Donovan T; Radford K; Delbaere K, 2020, Older Aboriginal Australians’ Health Concerns and Preferences for Healthy Ageing Programs, ,

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