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Pesudovs K; Study NAVLEGOTGBOD, 2023, Global estimates on the number of people blind or visually impaired by cataract: A meta-analysis from 2000 to 2020, ,

Bourne R; Adelson J; Flaxman S; Briant PS; Taylor HR; Casson RJ; Bikbov MM; Bottone M; Braithwaite T; Bron A; Cheng C-Y; Cicinelli MV; Congdon N; Fernandes AG; Friedman DS; Furtado JM; George R; Kahloun R; Kempen JH; Khairallah M; Lansingh VC; Leasher J; Leveziel N; Limburg H; Nangi V; Ogundimu K; Pesudovs K; Peto T; Reinig N; Resnikoff S; Silverster AJ; Tahhan N; Varma R; Wang N; Wang YX; Wong TY; Jonas JB; Vos T, Trends in Prevalence of Blindness and Distance and Near Vision Impairment Over 30 Years and Contribution to the Global Burden of Disease in 2020, ,

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