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Kalantar-Zadeh K, 2013, Sensors: An introductory course,

Kalantar-Zadeh K; Fry B, 2008, Nanotechnology-enabled sensors,

Book Chapters

Berean KJ; Kalantar-zadeh K, 2020, 'Polymeric composite membranes for gas separation: State-of-the-art 2D fillers', in Synthetic Polymeric Membranes for Advanced Water Treatment, Gas Separation, and Energy Sustainability, Elsevier, pp. 293 - 306,

Walia S; Kalantar-Zadeh K, 2017, 'Thermopower Wave-Based Micro-and Nanoscale Energy Sources', in Energy Harvesting with Functional Materials and Microsystems, CRC Press, pp. 105 - 128,

Journal articles

Xie W; Allioux F-M; Namivandi-Zangeneh R; Ghasemian MB; Han J; Rahim MA; Tang J; Yang J; Mousavi M; Mayyas M; Cao Z; Centurion F; Christoe MJ; Zhang C; Wang Y; Merhebi S; Baharfar M; Ng G; Esrafilzadeh D; Boyer C; Kalantar-Zadeh K, 2021, 'Polydopamine Shell as a Ga3+ Reservoir for Triggering Gallium-Indium Phase Separation in Eutectic Gallium-Indium Nanoalloys.', ACS Nano,

Merhebi S; Mohammad M; Mayyas M; Abbasi R; Zhang C; Cai S; Centurion F; Xie W; Cao Z; Tang J; Rahim MA; Zhang J; Razmjou A; Leslie G; Kalantar-Zadeh K; Tang J; Allioux FM, 2021, 'Post-transition metal/polymer composites for the separation and sensing of alkali metal ions', Journal of Materials Chemistry A, vol. 9, pp. 19854 - 19864,

Allioux FM; Han J; Tang J; Merhebi S; Cai S; Tang J; Abbasi R; Centurion F; Mousavi M; Zhang C; Xie W; Mayyas M; Rahim MA; Ghasemian MB; Kalantar-Zadeh K, 2021, 'Nanotip Formation from Liquid Metals for Soft Electronic Junctions', ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, vol. 13, pp. 43247 - 43257,

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