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Vartanian LR; McCutcheon TB; Rubenstein SA, 2021, 'Disgust, Prejudice, and Stigma', in The Handbook of Disgust Research, Springer International Publishing, pp. 173 - 190,

Vartanian LR; Hayward LE, 2017, 'Self-Concept Clarity and Body Dissatisfaction', in Self-Concept Clarity: Perspectives on Assessment, Research, and Applications, Springer International Publishing, Switzerland, pp. 195 - 218,

Vartanian L, 2012, 'Self-Determination theory and Body Image', in Cash T (ed.), Encyclopedia of Body Image and Human Appearance, Academic Press, pp. 711 - 717,

Thomas ; Vartanian L, 2011, 'Eating disorder not otherwise specified: Theoretical and empirical advances since the publication of a meta-analysis covering 1987-2007', in Striegel-Moore RH; Wonderlich SA; Walsh BT; Mitchell JE (ed.), Developing an evidence-based classification of eating disorders: Scientific findings for DSM-5, AMER PSYCHIATRIC PRESS, INC, USA, pp. 19 - 34,

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