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Liu YL; Alexander LV; Evans JP; Thatcher MJ, 2024, Sensitivity of Australian rainfall to driving SST datasets in a variable-resolution global atmospheric model, ,

Bennet MJ; Kingston DG; Cullen NJ, 2022, Extreme Compound and Seesaw Hydrometeorological Events in New Zealand: An Initial Assessment, ,

Wang Y; Kajtar JB; Alexander LV; Pilo GS; Holbrook NJ, 2021, Understanding the changing nature of marine cold spells, ,

Grose MR; Narsey S; Delage F; Dowdy AJ; Bador M; Boschat G; Chung C; Kajtar J; Rauniyar S; Freund M; Lyu K; Rashid HA; Zhang X; Wales S; Trenham C; Holbrook NJ; Cowan T; Alexander LV; Arblaster JM; Power SB, 2020, Insights from CMIP6 for Australia's future climate, ,

Gross MH; Donat MG; Alexander LV; Sherwood SC, 2019, Enhanced warming of seasonal cold extremes relative to the mean in the Northern Hemisphere extratropics, ,

Roca R; Alexander LV; Potter G; Bador M; Jucá R; Contractor S; Bosilovich MG; Cloché S, 2019, FROGs: a daily 1° × 1° gridded precipitation database ofrain gauge, satellite and reanalysis products, ,

Contractor S; Donat MG; Alexander LV; Ziese M; Meyer-Christoffer A; Schneider U; Rustemeier E; Becker A; Durre I; Vose RS, 2019, Rainfall Estimates on a Gridded Network (REGEN) – A global land-based gridded dataset of daily precipitation from 1950–2013, ,

Dunn RJH; Donat MG; Alexander LV, 2014, Investigating uncertainties in global gridded datasets of climate extremes, ,

Pitman AJ; de Noblet-Ducoudré N; Avila FB; Alexander LV; Boisier J-P; Brovkin V; Delire C; Cruz F; Donat MG; Gayler V; van den Hurk B; Reick C; Voldoire A, 2012, Effects of land cover change on temperature and rainfall extremes in multi-model ensemble simulations, ,

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