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Cameron J; Lannin NA; Harris D; Andrew NE; Kilkenny MF; Purvis T; Thrift AG; Thayabaranathan T; Ellery F; Sookram G; Hackett M; Kneebone I; Drummond A; Cadilhac DA, 2022, A mixed-method feasibility study of a new digital health support package for people after stroke: The Recovery-focused Community support to Avoid readmissions and improve Participant are Stroke (ReCAPS) intervention, ,

Farnbach S; Fernando J; Coyte J; Simms M; Hackett M, 2021, “I Tried to Get Help About my Addiction but he Just gave me Tablets:” Male Aboriginal Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Clients’ Experiences and Preferences Speaking about Substance use in Primary Care, ,

Kallakuri SS; Maulik P; Kaistha P; Hackett M, 2021, To explore the barriers to and facilitators of adolescents in Low-Middle-Income- Countries (LMICs) seeking mental health care: Protocol for a Mixed-Methods Systematic Review, ,

Hankey G; Hackett ML; Almeida OP; Flicker L; Mead GE; Dennis MS; Etherton-Beer C; Ford AH; Billot L; Jan S; Lundström E; Anderson CS; Thang-Nguyen H; Gommans J; Yi Q, Effects of Fluoxetine on Functional Recovery after Acute Stroke (AFFINITY): A Randomised, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Trial, ,

Loo C; Glozier N; Barton D; Baune B; Mills N; Fitzgerald PB; Glue P; Sarma S; Galvez-Ortiz V; Hadzi-Pavlovic D; Alonzo A; Dong V; Martin DM; Nikolin S; Mitchell P; Berk M; Carter G; Hackett M; Leyden J; Hood S; Somogyi A; Lapidus K; stratton E; Lyrtzis E; Gainsford K; Neehoff S; Garg D; Thornton N; Fourrier C; Richardson K; Rozakis D; Scaria A; Mihalopoulos C; Chatterton ML; McDonald W; Boyce P; Holtzheimer P; Kozel FA; Riva-Posse P; Rodgers A, Efficacy and Safety of Repeated Subcutaneous Ketamine Injections for Treatment Resistant Depression - The KADS Study: A Randomised, Double-Blind, Comparator-Controlled Trial, ,

Mead G; Legg L; Tilney R; Fang Hsieh C; Wu S; Lundströ m E; Rudberg AS; Kutlubaev M; Dennis MS; Soleimani B; Barugh A; Hackett ML; Hankey GJ, Fluoxetine for Improving Functional Outcome After Stroke: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Randomised Controlled Trials, ,

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