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Assante G; Chandrasekaran S; Ng S; Tourna A; Chung CH; Isse KA; Filippi C; Dhawan A; Liu M; Rozen SG; Hoare M; Campbell P; Ballard JWO; Turner N; Morris MJ; Chokshi S; Youngson NA, Acetyl-CoA metabolism drives epigenome change and contributes to carcinogenesis risk in fatty liver disease,

Anwer H; Mason D; Zajitschek S; Noble DWA; Hesselson D; Morris M; Lagisz M; Nakagawa S, An efficient new assay for measuring zebrafish anxiety: tall tanks that better characterize between-individual differences,

Hasebe K; Kendig MD; Kaakoush NO; Tajaddini A; Westbrook RF; Morris MJ, The Influence of Maternal Unhealthy Diet On Maturation of Offspring Gut Microbiota in Rat,

Anwer H; Morris M; Noble DWA; Nakagawa S; Lagisz M, Transgenerational effects of obesogenic diets in rodents: a meta-analysis,

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