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Davis M; Anderson P, 2023, Our Voices From The Heart The authorised story of the community campaign that changed Australia, Harper Collins,

AO PA; Davis PM, 2023, Our Voices From The Heart The authorised story of the community campaign that changed Australia, HarperCollins Australia

Davis M, 2023, Voice of Reason On Recognition and Renewal: Quarterly Essay 90, Black Inc.

Davis M; Williams G, 2021, Everything You Need to Know about the Uluru Statement from the Heart

Davis M; Williams G, 2015, Everything you Need to Know About the Referendum to Recognise Indigenous Australians, NewSouth

Book Chapters

Davis M, 2022, 'The Land and Environment Court of New South Wales and the Recognition of Indigenous Peoples' Environmental Rights.', in Brian P; Elizabeth F (ed.), An Environmental Court in Action, Cambridge University Press

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Edited Books

Davis M; Appleby G; Lino D; Reilly A, (eds.), 2023, Australian Public Law, Oxford University Press,

Davis M; Langton M, (ed.), 2016, It's Our Country Indigenous Arguments for Meaningful Constitutional Recognition and Reform, Melbourne Univ. Publishing

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Journal articles

Moodie N; Ward J; Dudgeon P; Adams K; Altman J; Casey D; Cripps K; Davis M; Derry K; Eades S; Faulkner S; Hunt J; Klein E; McDonnell S; Ring I; Sutherland S; Yap M, 2021, 'Roadmap to recovery: Reporting on a research taskforce supporting Indigenous responses to COVID-19 in Australia', Australian Journal of Social Issues, 56, pp. 4 - 16,

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Davis MJ, 2014, 'Future Challenges on the Path to Constitutional Recognition', Public Law Review, pp. 233 - 233

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