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Working Papers

Keane MP; Iskhakov F, 2018, Effects of Taxes and Safety Net Pensions on Life-Cycle Labor Supply, Savings and Human Capital: The Case of Australia, Elsevier, http://dx.doi.org10.2139/ssrn.3182093

Keane M; Rogerson R, 2011, Reconciling Micro and Macro Labor Supply Elasticities: A Structural Perspective, National Bureau of Economic Research, http://dx.doi.org10.3386/w17430,

Fang H; Keane M; Silverman D, 2006, Sources of Advantageous Selection: Evidence from the Medigap Insurance Market, National Bureau of Economic Research, http://dx.doi.org10.3386/w12289,

Feinberg S; Keane MP, 2003, Accounting for the Growth of MNC-based Trade using a Structural Model of U.S. MNCs, Elsevier, http://dx.doi.org10.2139/ssrn.374103

Diermeier D; Keane MP; Merlo A, 2002, A Political Economy Model of Congressional Careers, Elsevier, http://dx.doi.org10.2139/ssrn.333001

Keane MP; Wolpin KI, 2001, Estimating Welfare Effects Consistent with Forward-Looking Behavior. Part II: Empirical Results, Elsevier, http://dx.doi.org10.2139/ssrn.269964

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