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Sushkov AO; Sushkov OP; Yaresko A, 2023, Effective electric field: quantifying the sensitivity of searches for new P,T-odd physics with EuCl$_3\cdot$6H$_2$O, ,

Scammell HD; Sushkov OP, 2023, Exciton condensation in biased bilayer graphene, ,

Hudson K; Srinivasan A; Miserev D; Wang Q; Klochan O; Sushkov O; Farrer I; Ritchie D; Hamilton A, 2022, Observation of oscillating $g$-factor anisotropy arising from strong crystal lattice anisotropy in GaAs spin-3/2 hole quantum point contacts, ,

Krix ZE; Sushkov OP, 2022, Patterned bilayer graphene as a tunable, strongly correlated system, ,

Scammell HD; Sushkov OP, 2022, Dynamical screening and excitonic bound states in biased bilayer graphene, ,

Engdahl JN; Keser AC; Sushkov OP, 2022, Micromagnets dramatically enhance effects of viscous hydrodynamic flow in two-dimensional electron fluid, ,

Scammell HD; Ingham J; Li T; Sushkov OP, 2022, Chiral excitonic order from twofold van Hove singularities in kagome metals, ,

Keser AC; Lyanda-Geller Y; Sushkov OP, 2021, Nonlinear Quantum Electrodynamics in Dirac materials, ,

Kotov VN; Uchoa B; Sushkov OP, 2020, Coulomb interactions and renormalization of semi-Dirac fermions near a topological Lifshitz transition, ,

O'Brien MC; Sushkov OP, 2020, Spectral damping without quasiparticle decay: The dynamic structure factor of two-dimensional quantum Heisenberg antiferromagnets, ,

O'Brien MC; Sushkov OP, 2020, Colossal quasiparticle radiation in the Lifshitz spin liquid phase of a two-dimensional quantum antiferromagnet, ,

Krix ZE; Sushkov OP, 2020, Artificial Graphene in a Strong Magnetic Field: Bulk Current Distribution and Quantum Phase Transitions, ,

O'Brien MC; Sushkov OP, 2020, Anomalous thermal broadening from an infrared catastrophe in two-dimensional quantum antiferromagnets, ,

Sengupta S; Furis MI; Sushkov OP; Kotov VN, 2019, Anomalous Transition Magnetic Moments in two-dimensional Dirac Materials, ,

Kharkov YA; Oitmaa J; Sushkov OP, 2019, Quantum Lifshitz criticality in a frustrated two-dimensional XY model, ,

Sharma G; Trushin M; Sushkov OP; Vignale G; Adam S, 2019, Superconductivity from collective excitations in magic angle twisted bilayer graphene, ,

Iaizzi A; Scammell HD; Sushkov OP; Sandvik AW, 2019, Bose-Einstein condensation of deconfined spinons in two dimensions, ,

Miserev D; Sushkov OP, 2019, Prediction of the spin triplet two-electron quantum dots in Si: towards controlled quantum simulations of magnetic systems, ,

Bladwell S; Sushkov O, 2019, Measuring hole g-factor anisotropies using transverse magnetic focusing, ,

Yudhistira I; Chakraborty N; Sharma G; Ho DYH; Laksono E; Sushkov OP; Vignale G; Adam S, 2019, Gauge phonon dominated resistivity in twisted bilayer graphene near magic angle, ,

Kharkov YA; Sushkov OP, 2019, The origin of hour-glass magnetic dispersion in underdoped cuprate superconductors, ,

Scammell HD; Sushkov OP, 2018, Tuning the topological insulator states of artificial graphene, ,

Marcellina E; Srinivasan A; Miserev D; Croxall A; Ritchie D; Farrer I; Sushkov O; Culcer D; Hamilton A, 2018, Electrical control of the Zeeman spin splitting in two-dimensional hole systems, ,

Kharkov YA; Sushkov OP, 2018, Nature of the spin liquid in underdoped cuprate superconductors, ,

Kharkov YA; Oitmaa J; Sushkov OP, 2018, Properties of the spin liquid phase in the vicinity of the Néel - Spin-Spiral Lifshitz transition in frustrated magnets, ,

Bladwell SSR; Sushkov OP, 2018, Interference in spin-orbit coupled transverse magnetic focusing; emergent phase due to in-plane magnetic fields, ,

Scammell HD; Kharkov Y; Qin YQ; Meng ZY; Normand B; Sushkov OP, 2017, Unifying static and dynamic properties in 3D quantum antiferromagnets, ,

Scammell HD; Sushkov OP, 2017, Prediction of ultra-narrow Higgs resonance in magnon Bose-condensates, ,

Kharkov YA; Sushkov OP; Mostovoy M, 2017, Bound states of skyrmions and merons near the Lifshitz point, ,

Srinivasan A; Miserev DS; Hudson KL; Klochan O; Muraki K; Hirayama Y; Reuter D; Wieck AD; Sushkov OP; Hamilton AR, 2017, Detection and control of spin-orbit interactions in a GaAs hole quantum point contact, ,

Srinivasan A; Hudson KL; Miserev DS; Yeoh LA; Klochan O; Muraki K; Hirayama Y; Sushkov OP; Hamilton AR, 2017, Electrical control of the sign of the g-factor in a GaAs hole quantum point contact, ,

Bladwell S; Sushkov O, 2017, Interference effects and Huygens' principle in transverse magnetic focusing of electrons and holes, ,

Scammell HD; Sushkov OP, 2017, Multiple universalities in order-disorder magnetic phase transitions, ,

Miserev DS; Srinivasan A; Tkachenko OA; Tkachenko VA; Farrer I; Ritchie DA; Hamilton AR; Sushkov OP, 2016, Mechanisms for strong anisotropy of in-plane g-factors in hole based quantum point contacts, ,

Li T; Sushkov OP, 2016, Two-dimensional topological semimetal state in a nanopatterned semiconductor system, ,

Miserev DS; Sushkov OP, 2016, Dimensional reduction of the Luttinger Hamiltonian and g-factors of holes in symmetric two-dimensional semiconductor heterostructures, ,

Li T; Sushkov OP, 2016, Chern insulating state in laterally patterned semiconductor heterostructures, ,

Scammell HD; Sushkov OP, 2016, Non-equilibrium quantum mechanics: A 'hot quantum soup' of paramagnons, ,

Li T; Yeoh LA; Srinivasan A; Klochan O; Ritchie DA; Simmons MY; Sushkov OP; Hamilton AR, 2016, Manifestation of a non-abelian gauge field in a p-type semiconductor system, ,

Kharkov YA; Sushkov OP, 2016, The amplitudes and the structure of the charge density wave in YBCO, ,

Li T; Horovitz B; Sushkov OP, 2016, Semiclassical Landau quantization of spin-orbit coupled systems, ,

Vionnet G; Sushkov OP, 2015, Enhancement mechanism of the electron g-factor in quantum point contacts, ,

Bladwell S; Sushkov O, 2015, Magnetic Focussing of Electrons and Holes in the presence of spin orbit interactions, ,

Miserev DS; Sushkov OP, 2015, G-factors of hole bound states in spherically symmetric potentials in cubic semiconductors, ,

Kharkov YA; Terekhov IS; Sushkov OP, 2015, Impurity-induced magnetization in three dimensional antiferromagnet at quantum critical point, ,

Scammell H; Sushkov O, 2015, Asymptotic Freedom in Quantum Antiferromagnet TlCuCl3, ,

Kharkov YA; Sushkov OP, 2015, Casimir effect mechanism of pairing between fermions in the vicinity of a magnetic quantum critical point, ,

Milstein AI; Sushkov OP, 2014, Magnetic Excitations in the Spin-Spiral State of TbMnO$_3$ and DyMnO$_3$, ,

Mori M; Spencer-Smith A; Sushkov OP; Maekawa S, 2014, Origin of the Phonon Hall Effect in Rare-Earth Garnets, ,

Scammell HD; Sushkov OP, 2014, Violation of the Spin Statistics Theorem and the Bose-Einstein Condensation of Particles with Half Integer Spin, ,

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