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Oldfield P, 2022, We must do better than 1,000 Trees, Dezeen,

Oldfield P, 2020, Architectural balancing act: Kambri at ANU, Architecture Australia,

Oldfield P, 2020, Designing hope: The role of architecture education in the climate crisis, Architecture Australia,

Oldfield P, 2020, Population and urban infrastructure in the century of cities,

Oldfield P, 2019, Toward a generous skyscraper, Architecture Australia

Dixon I; Oldfield P, 2019, Mainstreaming Low Carbon Design, The Fifth Estate,

Oldfield P, 2019, Carbon Value Engineering: Reducing Carbon and Cost in Buildings, Building Economist,

Oldfield P, 2019, Macquarie University Incubator, Architecture Australia

Gusheh M; Oldfield P, 2018, System, Ambience, Translation, Japan Architects Co., Ltd.

Oldfield PF, 2017, The EY Centre, Architecture Australia

Oldfield PF, 2016, From Void-Deck to Skygarden, Urban Design Group Journal, Urban Design Group,

Oldfield PF, 2016, Beyond the icon: despite a construction boom, Australian skyscraper design needs to evolve,,

Oldfield PF, 2015, Don’t Fear the Skyscraper – Why London Needs More Tall Buildings, The Conversation,

Oldfield PF, 2014, Skylines around the World,

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