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Meagher N; Koebel M; Anderson L; Tan A; Bolithon A; Anglesio M; Cohen P; Crowe P; Doherty J; Fasching P; Harris H; Hogdall E; Huntsman D; James P; Karlan B; Kelemen L; Kommoss S; Konecny G; Gorringe K; Modugno F; Park S; Pharoah P; Staebler A; Sundfeldt K; Thorne H; Wu A; DeFazio A; Friedlander M; Ramus S, 2021, 'Pattern of invasion in stage I mucinous ovarian cancer is prognostic within 2-years of diagnosis', in ASIA-PACIFIC JOURNAL OF CLINICAL ONCOLOGY, WILEY, Vol. 17, pp. 47 - 48,

Wang X; Goldstein D; Crowe P; Yang J-L, 2019, 'Synergistic effect of targeting both CDK4/6 and mTORin sarcoma cell lines', in CANCER RESEARCH, AMER ASSOC CANCER RESEARCH, GA, Atlanta, Vol. 79, presented at Annual Meeting of the American-Association-for-Cancer-Research (AACR), GA, Atlanta, 29 March 2019 - 03 April 2019,

Wang X; Yeo R; Crowe P; Goldstein D; Hogg R; Dilda P; Yang JL, 2016, 'Anti-tumor effect and mechanisms of concurrent targeting EGFR and metabolism in sarcoma cell lines', in EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF CANCER, ELSEVIER SCI LTD, GERMANY, Munich, Vol. 69, pp. S37 - S38, presented at 28th EORTC-NCI-AACR Symposium on Molecular Targets and Cancer Therapeutics, GERMANY, Munich, 29 November 2016 - 02 December 2016,

Wang X; Goldstein D; Crowe P; Yang JL, 2015, 'Synergistic effects of concurrent inhibition of EGFR and STAT3 in soft tissue sarcoma cell lines', in EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF CANCER, ELSEVIER SCI LTD, AUSTRIA, Vienna, Vol. 51, pp. S704 - S705, presented at European Cancer Congress, AUSTRIA, Vienna,

Liyanage S; Segelov E; Garland S; Tabrizi S; Seale H; Crowe P; Dwyer D; Barbour A; Newall A; Malik A; MacIntyre R, 2012, 'The role of human papillomaviruses in oesophageal squamous cell carcinoma: a review of the evidence', in INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF INFECTIOUS DISEASES, ELSEVIER SCI LTD, Vol. 16, pp. E351 - E352,

Wang LW; Wong SW; Crowe PJ; Khor KE; Jastrzab G; Parasyn AD; Walsh W, 2009, 'Continuous local anaesthesia wound infusion after laparotomy: a double-blinded randomised placebo-controlled trial', in JOURNAL OF GASTROENTEROLOGY AND HEPATOLOGY, WILEY-BLACKWELL PUBLISHING, INC, Vol. 24, pp. A248 - A248,

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